Nigerians are interesting sets of people who will never fail to amuse the world with the things they do and believe in. In truth, some of the things they do are exclusive to them and will always make them stand out wherever they go.

If you grew up in Nigeria, then you will understand some of the things that will be discussed here. There are certain things that can only be processed by a Nigerian; we have been fed lots of lies as myths and superstitions for one reason or the other.

Some of the superstitious beliefs that we know have been accepted to be the truth. Most people do not question these things anymore as they strongly believe in them. These superstitious threads are most times woven to protect the integrity of a particular clan or to protect individuals around there.

With pregnancy, you are bound to hear lots of unsettling things if you are pregnant for the first time. If you do not make your findings, some of these things may be passed on to your children.

Pregnant women go through a lot in the society, they are made to do things they ordinarily will not do. This makes some of them wonder what women in diaspora would have done in their situation. Most of these superstitious beliefs are wrapped around the safety of the babies.

Check out some of the weird pregnancy superstitions Nigerians have been made to believe in:

1. Eating snail will make you give birth to an imbecile

We honestly have to take a chill pill in this part of the world with the numerous things strung together to keep pregnant women in check.

It is believed that eating snails and okro during pregnancy will make their babies drool like imbecile.

It will be a lot better if they were told the truth instead of making them go crazy with thoughts of not having a healthy baby when they eat certain foods.

2. Walking in the sun or late at night

Pregnant women are made to believe walking at certain times of the day put them at risk. They are made to believe some demons or spirit will possess their babies if they do so.

Women are asked not to walk at these odd times in order to make them avoid the scorching sun and rest when it is late at night.

3. Use of safety pins on clothes

In Nigeria, some tribe believe in making pregnant women attach safety pins to their clothes as soon as they are pregnant.

The pin is to hurt the demons that want to possess the babies in their wombs. Isn’t it amazing to know that an object as mild as pins can fight off an army of demons?

4. Tying stones to end of wrapper

Some pregnant women in Nigeria go through the ordeal of carrying the weight of a stone around in addition to the weight of the baby growing within them. These stones are said to help reduce labour pain whenever it is time to deliver the babies.

5. Pregnant women must not see masquerades

With this superstition, pregnant women are not supposed to get entertained since they must not see masquerades. Festivals that will showcase masquerades become a taboo to them.

Those who are not pregnant get terrified when they see masquerades on a normal day; pregnant women should stop being terrorized by people wearing costumes.

6. Pregnant women’s legs should not be crossed over

Another pregnancy superstition people are made to believe in is when they are being crossed over.

They are being told their babies would look like whoever crosses them over when they stretch out their legs. They would also have the person’s attributes.

If this is true, then where is the place of genes if babies can pick the face of a total stranger simply because its mother had an encounter with one?

7. Pregnant women must not be mean to physically challenged persons

Some pregnant women in Nigeria avoid being around people with one form of disability or the other in order for their babies not to be disabled.

Some of them are being told never to be mean to disabled people if they do not want the babies in their wombs to be changed.

Rather than subjecting the women to additional torture, it will be nice to educate them on the need to be more human since they will be bringing new lives into the world too.

8. Pregnant women should not dip hands into their husbands’ pockets

For crying out loud, how tough can getting pregnant be if one is being robbed of major rights? Pregnant women by default are expensive to maintain; this superstition was probably made to protect the men from getting broke.

Pregnant women who dip hands into their husband’s pockets put their babies at risk of having deep eyes.


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