Cristiano Ronaldo was in superlative form as Real Madrid defeated Juventus in Saturday’s Champions League Final.

Real Madrid became the first team to successfully defend the title after they hammered the Italian giants in Cardiff, Saturday night.

After the game, Ronaldo was delighted to see his old boss, Sir Alex Ferguson, in the tunnel.

He introduced Ferguson, who attended the match as a UEFA ambassador, to his son and affectionately called him “boss”.

Ronaldo, however, disclosed to Ferguson what his son told him about how the former Manchester United manager reacted when he opened the scoring.

“He said you went crazy when I scored!”, Ronaldo told Sir Alex Ferguson.

The two laughed over the comment and Ferguson embraced Cristiano Jr. Ronaldo struck a brilliant brace against Juventus to secure his fourth European title, as well as winning the man of the match award as he finished top scorer in the tournament

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