Houseboy sleeps with employer’s wife

An houseboy may have received far more than he bargained for after he slept with his employer’s wife.

Residents of Busai country were left in awe after a young housemaid cried out while writhing in pain as he offloaded a bulk of maggots from his pants.

It appeared the employer was behind the sudden revelation as he had warned him to desist from the act, prior to the incident.

He was practically begging for his life.

The video of the unfortunate incident captures the man rolling on the floor and pleading as he emptied the maggots from his pants.

The man is said to have bragged about his sexual prowess on numerous occasions before his employer sought the services of a witch doctor to allegedly deal with him.

Not minding the humiliation and public disgrace, he wallowed in agony as he begged for help as it was revealed that he had also eloped with the man’s wife


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