Spending quality time with your partner does not automatically mean your man will start missing you once your date is over, it is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but what if it’s only you as the woman that is desperately looking forward to the next meeting with your partner?

Whether it’s getting back with your ex, rekindling the lost spark in your relationship, or pinning down your dream guy, it is very tricky to make a man miss you but with these below-listed tips you can make any man have your thoughts plastered all over his mind and make him miss you like crazy everytime.

“Don’t make the mistake of parting on a sad, serious note; instead, say your goodbyes happily with promises to meet soon, leaving on a high note will seal the fact that your man would want to see you soon badly”.

“There’s no harm in being a mystery woman, especially if you’re trying to woo a guy so answer his questions but don’t give all out; maintain a reasonable level of ambiguity by holding certain things back, let the mystery linger on till your next date”.

“If the action between the sheets has already begun, ensure that you blow his mind each time he bolts the bedroom door, if you’re a s3x goddess, your guy will not think anything else apart from you when he’s away”

“If you’re trying to get back with an ex-flame or spicing things with a hot crush, visibly show interest in someone else, jealousy is more powerful than you think”.

“He will only miss you if you give him the chance to do so; constant pings and calls won’t help you in any way, cut off all contact – control the temptation to call him, don’t reply to his texts instantly, and don’t indulge in too much social media activity, the trick here is to let him come to you”.

“Highlight the fun elements of your life; show him that nothing in your life depends on a man, men love women who know where to look for their own happiness”.

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