Another bizarre video has emerged which shows popular Lagos socialite, Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu popularly known as Pretty Mike leading his two girls in chains to a wedding ceremony yesterday.
The 30-year-old entrepreneur is the co-owner of Club Uno, formerly Q Club on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

Recall Pretty Mike was one time rumored to be Bobrisky’s infamous bae, a claim he has since denied. This is the second time Pretty Mike rumored to be engaged is indulging in such an act to gain cheap popularity on social media.
The fate of the female folks is feared in the hands of people like Pretty Mike as the financial vulnerability of ladies have been aggravated by the current economic recession and inadequacy of job opportunities in Nigeria.

Pretty Mike made headlines December, 2016 after he stepped out with his girls on a dog leash for the first time.
Social media users took to Instagram to debate the rationale behind such dehumanising action but more importantly, to hurl insults at the ‘Lagos Big Boy’ for his demeaning gesture towards fellow human beings.Some even said that he is only trying to create jobs in the ongoing recession. But it seems none of the criticisms got to him as he’s back again.

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