Here are some reasons why relationships get boring.

reasons why relationships get boring

There are many factors which affect and shape the dynamics of every relationship. A good example of such factors is routine.Some couples survive the boredom by taking the necessary steps.There are various ways in which couples can spice up their relationship again and enjoy the steam and passion.Here are some reasons why relationships get boring.

Reasons why relationships get boring are:

1.Marriage: Relationship experts opine that marriage could be one factor that brings boredom into the couple. Before marriage, a relationship is still away from the mundane things but after marriage when a couple starts living under one roof, boredom easily creeps in as the mystery is over.

2.Pregnancy: After giving birth to children and carrying the burden of responsibilities some couples totally get frustrated and bored. Well, in such a case, a conscious effort should be made to make the relationship interesting again.

3.Old Age: Some ageing couples get bored of each other and this may be due to the fact that they carry the baggage of past inside their heads. There could be frustration, grudges and lots of other unresolved feelings living in their heads since long. Also, an ageing body itself is a disappointment.

4.Extra Marital Affairs: If one of the partners has a secret affair, it would be impossible to give his or her best to the relationship and this may cause boredom in the relationship. So, at the end of the day, a couple must clearly identify the

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