Falling in love is undeniably a wonderful feeling in itself. It is a feeling that, besides living you butterflies in your stomach and sweeping you off your feet, allows you to learn and explore life’s less travelled path- for not everyone has the benefit of falling in true love and sustaining it.There is lot in store for you in terms of experiencing a sublime feel-good feeling and learning subtle beauties of life. Let us go ahead and look at these awesome reasons to fall in love. Here are some fantastic reasons to fall in love.

Fantastic reasons to fall in love are:

1.You Suddenly Become More Responsible: This is one the most amazing things that happen when you fall in love. You suddenly become more responsible and mature. You take responsibility not just for yourself but for your partner as well. At the end of it, well, you definitely feel great about yourself.

2.The Feel Good Factor: Falling in love constantly makes you feel good about yourself because the feeling of love constantly releases dopamine in your brain- a feel good chemical that gives you a sublime feeling. If you don’t see any other reasons to fall in love, this has to be one reasons why you definitely should.

3.You Have Unflinching Support: When you are in love and your love is reciprocal, you feel that you can surmount any challenge, however daunting. You aren’t afraid to fall, for you are certain to circumvent life’s numerous challenges. Instead of just you trying to surmount the challenge, you have your partner with you- so that makes it two people.
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4.You Become Smarter: Another lovely feeling is that you become way smarter. Research studies have shown that because of the learning that is involved while in a relationship, you actually end up becoming smarter.

5.You Make Effort To Look Good All The Time: This is another incredible benefit of falling in love. You make effort to look good all the time. This certainly allows you to feel more confident and good about yourself.

6.You Look Younger: Scientific research has indicated that people who are in a relationship tend to look younger because of oxytocin in the body. Oxytocin activates DHEA, an anti-ageing hormone in the body.

7.A Startling Fact About The Death Rate: According to a recent survey conducted by a leading Medical Research Institute in London, people in a relationship have an almost 30 percent less risk of dying young. This is because love promotes good cardiovascular health and also helps in better management of stress.


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