When you suffer a heartbreak, you may feel that the whole world is against you. Nothing may seem right to you. You will most likely find yourself slipping into your own world.Of all the people in the world, there is only one person who is going to be with you always and that is ‘You’. So do you deserve to punish yourself for something that did not go right in life? Ups and downs are a part of life but to succumb to every negative situation is just not the way to go. With everything that goes ‘wrong’, there is something right that is sure to happen. Here are some ways to handle a break up.

Ways to handle a break up are:

1.Take up a new activity: You might have done many things with your ex but now is the time to go out and do things alone. Take up a long forgotten hobby, get involved in social service, take up a new sport or start learning an instrument. There are innumerable activities to get yourself involved in. You never know this could be a new beginning.

2.Give it some time: It may not be easy but give yourself and your current condition some time to settle in. Not finding the person you love anywhere around you can be very disturbing. You need to let the situation sink in.

3.Stick to your decision: Do not go back on your decision or go to your ex to patch things up. If things have to get better between the two of you, it will over a period of time. Your forced efforts are going to make things worse. Stick to your decision and let yourself go with the flow of time.
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4.Get out of the guilt trap: It is not only your fault that the relationship did not work. Every relationship advice will tell you that it requires co-operation on both sides for a relationship to work. If yours did not worked out, there was probably something not right on both the ends.

5.Go travelling: One good way to handle a breakup would be to go travelling. Pick any place of your interest, not one you have been to with your ex. Explore new grounds, meet new people and let your heart live a different experience.

6.Write it out: One way to express your feelings is to write things out. As long as thoughts remain in your brains, they will keep disturbing you. It may also be eating into your inner peace. Get it out on a piece of paper and relieve yourself off the burden. It may also help you see things in a new light.

7.Remove memory triggers: A relationship is over and so is everything associated with it. Remove all memory triggers lying around your house. Do not let yourself get pulled into the memory cycle. You must make sure to remove all physical as well as mental memory triggers.

8.Talk to friends: Go out and meet friends rather than staying indoors and brooding. Brooding is not going to help you handle a breakup. It is only going to make matters worse. Talk to friends, have a good time and draw yourself out of the breakup.

9.Stay active: Going through a breakup does not mean neglecting yourself. Go out and shake a leg. It could be at the gym, a park or on the dance floor. The idea is to stay active and let your mind and heart get away from the sad feelings.

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