The Federal Government has vowed to do everything required to bring Nigeria back to the path of growth with the right support; saying that Nigeria will not fail.

Speaking on the sidelines of the plenary session of the 2016 IMF/World Bank meeting in Washington DC, the Minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, stated that “Nigeria is too big to fail and too significant in the region to under perform.”

Adeosun said that the government was determined to rewrite Nigeria’s economic story by growing critical infrastructure like power, transport, housing.

“This is why we are redirecting expenditure from recurrent where we thought there have been a lot of wastages and leakages.

“Redirecting spending to capital to create long-term value, is tough in the short term but the long term benefits will be there for the future generation.

“We are confident of getting back to growth with the right support,” she said.

Adeosun said that if we invest in critical infrastructure, there would be increased productivity, which will lead to job creation and prosperity for the people.

Adeosun said that Nigeria have aligned with the views of the IMF and World Bank with regards to inclusive growth, stating that inclusive growth was one of the objectives of this administration to end poverty.

“Government is investing heavily in education and as part of our social intervention programme, we aim to engage more young graduates into teaching in primary schools.

“I am sure that we will soon start seeing improvements in our education indices.

“We are also pumping money into agriculture. We also try to encourage women in agriculture; Women are the key especially in agriculture so we are giving small business loans on agriculture.

“Bank of Industry has assured that it will start disbursing micro loans to women so there is a great focus on women,” she said.

On his part, the Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Mr Godwin Emefiele said Nigeria has taken the IMF advice for a three-pronged comprehensive approach of monetary, fiscal and structural reforms to revive the economy.

“This is the way everybody has to go and we are doing that in Nigeria. There is serious collaboration between the monetary and fiscal authorities and if we continue in this direction we will achieve these objectives,” he said.

Commenting on whether the financial sector reforms has being enjoying a buy-in from potential investors, Emefiele said with the recent CBN reforms he was sure that investments would begin to come in.

“When you have the kind of situation that we have, naturally people will be a bit skeptical, but with time as they develop more confidence we will begin to see more and more of them coming into the country.

“However, there are positive indications that meeting and networking with foreign delegations and officials of the IMF and World Bank at this meeting, we will achieve some of the objectives that we have in mind.

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