Have you ever tried preparing a contemporary dish of rice and sauce but using the native way? Well, here is a perfect recipe for you. Chef Nathaniel did make use of bell peppers for this menu, but what’s new? He included ponmo and smoked fish! So, not every time, continental dish; you can always have a fusion of the 2 styles. Ingredients: Rice Spinach Scent Leaf Coconut Vegetable Oil Coconut Milk Carrot Tomatoes Bell Peppers Runner Beans Spring Onions Cray fish Smoked fish Ponmo Nutmeg Parsley Salt Onion Seasoning How To Prepare Coconut Flavored Rice and Veggie Sauce…Simple Recipe The rice is already parboiled so you proceed to make the sauce. Food is color and to add to this effect, Chef Nathaniel added a bit of palm oil to the vegetable oil for the sauce. Turn in the already diced bell peppers, tomatoes and ponmo. After it has fried for a while, add the chopped smoked fish, then salt, parsley and nutmeg. Before the remaining seasoning and carrots. For the already parboiled rice, boil it with coconut milk rather than water. And add carrots towards the end. Voila! Your meal is ready. See video below:
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